Photo gallery 'Projects'

Holy Festival in Ahmedabad

Sometimes I have the opportunity to do something special, get involved in a unique situation that has to be captured in pictures. The latest results of these 'projects' are presented below. In March I had the privilege to join the Holy festival in Ahmedabad, India.

Sporting Wedding

I had the honor to capture the wedding of a sporting couple, although I had one condition: I wanted to photograph the wedding couple while they exercised their hobbies. And they agreed.

 Special Bikes

I am proud to own two special bikes. In the Netherlands there is only a limited amount of people riding this brand, as it was imported by a good friend of mine, only during a short period of time. Unfortunately the Canadian based brand Glacier does not exist anymore. But worst of all, my friend and his wife past away a couple of years ago with the take down of the MH17. I captured the bikes in a few pictures and stored the bikes to stay with me as an important memory.


As a project I supported the making of a CD by a friend of mine. Supplying all the foto's for the CD-booklet and its design was a bonus. Check 'Bert Beekers' on facebook or youtube if you want to listen (or buy the CD).  

Single covers

For the talented Cataleya (RnB/HipHop) I had the honour to shoot her single covers:

Water droplets

Trying to make the perfect picture of a waterdrop (or two water droplets crashing) requires the perfect timing and a lot of luck. I try to catch something impossible to see with our eyes. Below I show the latest results. For sure I have to run a lot of additional experiments.

Kite festival in India

Indian people love kiting and I had the opportunity to join a kite festival for a day in the province of Gujarat, and of course I took pictures.

Portraits for De Peperbus

For quarterly magazine 'De Peperbus' I shoot frequently portraits to support specific articles.

The Band

A series of portraits of youngsters of a group of friends, with a common theme: music instruments and a black background.