About me

I was born in 1968 in the Netherlands, where I still live today, with my wife and two sons. Photography is a hobby since I was a teenager. It all started with pictures during holidays and some experiments once in a while, using a cheap East-German mirror reflex camera. Soon I started using Minolta mirror cameras and all kinds of lenses. The introduction of the digital SRL cameras created more possibilities and from that moment this hobby became a prominent part of my free time. However, photography has to compete with family, sports (mainly cycling), travelling, music and reading. Fortunately I can combine these hobbys and use photography as the linking part. Nowadays I work with Nikon cameras (D750 and D850) and a Sony system camera (a7).

During the years I did many courses and workshops and followed the developments in equipment and techniques through magazines like Zoom.nl. Improving my photography skills is an important part of my hobby.